Parent & Student Policy Handbook

To ensure the success of our schools, the primary stakeholders, including students, school staff, and parents, play a crucial role. Effective and frequent communication and interaction among these stakeholders are vital for the progress of our students.

To facilitate this connection, the school has developed the Parent & Student Policy Handbook. This handbook serves as a valuable resource, helping parents, students, and school staff understand the school's policies and procedures while aligning expectations for AlWijdaan Academy.

We urge you to read the manual thoroughly with your child, as it may address many of your questions. Keep it in a convenient location for easy reference throughout the school year. After reading, kindly sign the Parent Contract and return it by end of September on starting the school year.

Please note that only one form is required per family. Failure to sign and submit the contract will result in the non-registration of your child(ren) at the school. We appreciate your cooperation in strengthening the collaboration between students, parents, and school staff for the betterment of our students' education and overall development.

Download the Handbook:

Parent & Student Handbook.pdf