AlWijdaan Quran Academy

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Information about full time Hifz program

Hifz Academy strives to provide a fully-focused Quran memorization environment, with unique learning experiences in academics and Islamic disciplines. Students will complete the memorization of the whole Quran and receive their certification. By completing this program, students will excel in many other fields of study with much success.


1. Memorization of the entire Quran with proper Tajweed in 2 years
2. Create and empower generations of students who are confident in their Canadian Muslim identity
3. Aim to develop a balanced character and personality, enriched with Islamic knowledge, excellence, and commitment towards themselves and their community
4. Strengthening Muslim identity to meet the modern challenges of our diverse Canadian and global society


1. Must be able to read on their own from the Quran
2. Some level Tajweed proficiency
4. Have memorized some of the Quran. A student who has already memorized two Ijza will most likely to complete the entire Quran memorization in 2 years
5. A contract must be signed between teachers, students, and parents in order to commit to the amount of memorization that must be achieved
6. There is a probationary period of 3 months for the student to stay or leave

Time: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Days: Monday to Friday

Location: Masjid Al Fatima Address: 9275 25 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 0A5

Registration Process

  • First Step: Register online Click here
  • Second Step: You will be contacted for the testing
  • Third Step: After the clearing the test; student will proceed to register as home-school student.